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The WebPages available at www.affectionmusicrecords.com are owned and operated by Affection Music Records India Private Limited under the following terms and conditions which are accessible by You (“User”)accepting all T&C.


*User’s using this website constitutes their agreement to all terms and conditions of the company.

*All the information and services provided on this website should not be considered as a personal or substitute for professional advice.

*Affection Music Records , its associate executives, authors, suppliers, partners, media partners and agents consists no responsibility for any situation relating directly or indirectly to any action that you take based on the information, services ,content or materials on this site.

*The ‘Company’ may change ,discontinue or suspend its services ,any feature, database or content at any time, it also restricts some parts of the services for user’s access without any prior notice.

*The company reserves rights to change or modify user’s agreement at any time.

*Once the User access to this site ,he/she agrees to be bound by this agreement and also certifies to Affection Music Records that User is an individual and not a company or corporation and has completed at least 18 years of his age.


*User also confirms that he is legally permitted to use the services and access this site and to enter into this agreement and is fully responsible for all the accesses done on this website.


*User agrees that he is fully liable for the purchase of any goods or services also User agrees to be financially responsible for all the uses of services and access of the site also if user’s account is handled by others, the user is only responsible for any kind of expenses.

* User is warned to always give accurate information about User’s name, email address mobile number and credit card number. Failing in giving such accurate information makes you liable to pay Civil and Criminal penalties.


*According to terms and conditions of the company, all the content of this website which includes audio song, video clips, graphics, text, news, articles, photographs, images, tunes and updates etc available, totally belongs to the company and is protected by copyright owned by Affection Music Records and using any of these contents or any one content for Commercial use is expressly prohibited and is punishable under copyright law.


*Affection music records reserves the rights to use the LOGO ,CONTENTS and NAME of the company ,no one else is authorized to use these materials in general or for commercial use , if user is found using the logo, name and any of the contents using on their name for commercial use would be punishable under copyrights law and User would be liable to bear any kind of expenses during this jurisdiction.


*The company, Affection Music Records ,its Managing directors ,Legal advisor ,consultants reserves rights to make any kind of changes or improvements without any prior notice in any kind of the materials available on this site but not limited to changes associate to this site or terminate this site.


*A user is always required to enter his name ,email id /mobile number to register with Affection Music Records to use some of the services, which should be true to his knowledge.


*A user is strictly prohibited from posting or updating any kind of unlawful, vulgar, sexual abused content, pornography, threatening, libelous or any material which is a form of criminal offense.



While visiting this site the User may find some of the services which are chargeable, so user shall be agreed to make payment with all applicable fees as described with the content /services.

The company Affection Music Records reserves the right to make changes in the price list or insert additional charges any time. Which will be posted or updated timely on the site.Use of the content or services by User following such payment updates constitutes user’s acceptance of any new charges.




#Affection Music reserves rights to remove/suspend or terminate any of the services or content available on the site.


#If you all have any kind of queries or concern about any of the content of our website,please contact us at:

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